New Stamps! + Field Ops

And they are all field op related!

I wonder how long it takes to get 100 Badges! Anyway, there is a new Field Ops! This one takes place in the Underground pool.

Hmmmm… I wonder if I should make a field ops tracker thing. I’m going to test it on this post. So if you see that it’s changing, then good. If it works, I can give you the code to put it on your site.

Posted By Semi on September 7, 2010


Hey Look at this!

I found this penguin with this background! It’s signed by Rockhopper so that means she must have gotten this from Rockhopper! If you are this penguin’s owner, please tell me! Then I can give credit for finding Rockhopper and yeah. I think I’ll put this on Club Penguin Wiki too.

Posted By Semi on September 3, 2010

The Fall fair is here!

Wheee! I love the fall fair! Here are the prizes that you can earn!

Look! New items! The Background isn’t new though. How do I know? I have a Main Penguin. I don’t use this penguin for much but the things I need to do and I don’t want to attract attention at my main penguin so yeah. But look at this:

I got this when I click on the pin and then when I click on the okay, it doesn’t send me to the membership page. Huh I hope the pin item won’t be a member item! But anyway, Rockhopper is here plus stamps! Here are the items rockhopper brought!

Awesome hat! Anyway, If you buy all the magic stuff and then wave(or dance), you’ll wave the magic wand! I saw some penguins do that and it was cool! Here are the new stamps!

Whoo Hoo! That’s all for now! Tell me what you think of the fall fair!

Update: The Error is now gone! You can get the pin now!

Posted By Semi On September 2, 2010

New Stamps!

Some new stamps are here!

Awesome! More stamps! Woo! What do you think? How many stamps are there? Come on! Spread the word!

Hey! Also the small party, was as I said small! But it was good because I had some private time with my fellow fans! Drop me a line for a special meeting since I have a lot of time! (Not always though)

Posted by Semi on August 30, 2010

New Field Ops!

There is a new field ops! Here it is:
Ops Field haha!
Click for a bigger picture

This one says we need to work together! Hmmm… I wonder what that means! Anyway the answer is the clock tower at the snow forts! I have seen full rooms so go on a small server if you want to do the field op quickly. 😉

Posted by Semi on August 30, 2010

Club Penguin Yellow?

Look at this!
Yellow teams?
Click to make it bigger

I wonder what exactly is going to be going on at September! I wonder if there is actually going to be yellow teams? Hmmm… See you at my party and tell me what you think!

Party Edit

New time, same server at the snowforts though. 3:00 PM PST today.

Party Update

Ughhhh! I forgot the party today! Ok, so new time: Tomorrow at Grizzly at 8:00 am PST. I will remember this time! Sorry for all the people that wanted to party. Anyway I guess I’ll be at Grizzly right now at the town.

Posted by Semi on August 28, 2010 (4:11 PM PST)

Today (or yesterday) the tree grew huge! Take a look yourself!

It grew over the top!
Now Lets see about the new Save your igloos! Now penguins can save the igloos they buy! Then we have the new stage! I’ve seen a lot of penguins enjoying the stage! That looks like fun!

Click for full view
Now for the almost new postcards! Sorry for lateness but I was busy these days but anyway here are the new postcards!

Click for full view
And here is the new pin!
New pin!
It is located at the underground pool! I guess they made this pin to celebrate the now can be saved igloos!
Wondered what the something else was? Well… it’s that I will have a little party at Grizzly at 2:30 PM PST at the snow forts tomorrow! And my buddy list is REALLY empty so I will be friending people there! See you there! Oh yes, if I’m not there then I’ll post the new party times are.

Posted by Semi on August 27, 2010

New unlockables!

Have you seen? There are new unlockables!

Click for bigger picture

To get there, press the tactics button on the left. I circled it in red. 😉 And then all the new equipment! Too bad none (currently) are free. All of them members ONLY. Hope you have fun! Hmmm I wonder what the next items will be…

Posted by Semi on August 23, 2010

Ok, so my sister was playing on club penguin and then this happened!
Click on picture for full size

Whoa! What do you think will happen? Also…
Click on picture for full size

Whoa! Look! The EPF has a bunch of secret entrances and exits! I wonder what will happen soon! Anyway, I think that this happens when there are A LOT of penguins in the room. Anyway some of you may see this same one in Club penguin wiki because I decided to put it there for everyone because not everyone reads my site. 😉

Anyway field op time!

Field Op

This is in the Lighthouse all the way at the corner near the map! How did you enjoy this day?

UPDATE: The screen is now clickable! Just like the old command room!

It is like the old one!

Posted by Semi on August 23, 2010

Customize Igloos!

Look at the new login screens!
Drag to address bar for full view
The screen changes every few seconds or so! This is my favorite one, and look! The furniture are ones we never seen before because… you can customize them soon!
And then there is the Fall Fair! I love the Fall Fair don’t you? Anyway, in other news Sensei says he is training penguins harder then ever because there will be something big coming! What do you think it is?

New field op!

New field op everyone! This one is very easy but may take a long time to power up!

Field Op

(Click to enlarge)

Anyway to find it, go to the coffee shop and then go to the steam maker machine thing.

Posted by Semi on August 16, 2010

There is a art contest! There is a new school built in Haiti and they are holding a contest to see what picture to paint on a wall for the new playground! And a Club Penguin artist is going to paint it! Click here to go to the blog and read more about the contest!

By the way, my picture taking button is fixed!

Edit: We have all been wondering and yes, puffles are allowed!

Posted by Semi on August 15, 2010

Field Ops and Tree!

Mine tree is big! I think it will blossom soon! Anyway, new field ops! The big bulb is at the mine like inside it! The light one that you throw snowballs at. Go to the box that it is at and do the mission ops! Haha. Have fun! Then anyway the spy gadget will start beeping so have fun again!

Posted by Semi on June 29, 2010

New Field Ops!

Hurray! New field Ops! Ok, for one thing my button broke down again on me so another word walkthrough!

So you are to find the tall thing. So go to the ski hill or mountain and go near the pole and your spy gadget should beep! The accept it and play. This will take some time to complete so be patient. And then another badge thing! Too bad CP didn’t give us head ware like the members did. I thought it was going to be a surprise. Oh well. How did you think of the new field ops?

Posted by Semi on June 24, 20010

Rockhopper is here!

Woo hoo! Rockhopper is finally here! And he brought us the you decide item that we picked! The squid lid! Here is a picture of the things you get buy at his little hop and how the squid lid looks like on a penguin!

(Click to enlarge)
Squid lid!

Hmmm, that is all but I’ll keep the look out for Rockhopper! You guys do to so we can cover more servers!

New you decide for card jitsu! And guess what? My picture taking button works again! Woo hoo! So any way, here are the pictures.

Click the picture to see a bigger form.

For one thing, I like option B! What do you think? I think that the type is going to be fire. And notice that they all are based on flying? Hmmmm… maybe another party! And I think the power card will have 12. Any ideas? Comment them!

Oh yes, Rockhopper is so far late today, what do you think?

Posted by Semi on June 21, 2010

Sorry everyone, my picture taker button doesn’t work so I’ll just make a word one instead of a picture one. I’ll try to make a picture after my picture button is fixed. So here it is, the pin is at the pizza parlor by the piano and it is a light bulb. So now the scavenger hunt! Oh yes, you can find the scavenger hunt boat in the top right corner by the paper boat! And the things you will find are paper boats identical to the one in the top right corner!

Boat 1: Forest, by the big rock on the ground, bottom left corner or you could say by the map. The boat is half hidden behind a bush.

Boat 2: The Beach, Look on the light house see the sign and go to the top of the sign and the boat is there.

Boat 3: Snow forts, Look near the stadium at the right side and then there is a bush and a boat hidden in it.

Boat 4: Hidden lake (Place where non members can go to), Look at the mermaid cove sign, and the boat is on top of it. (Sign is between the two water falls)

Boat 5: The Plaza, look at the puffle with the black puffle bandanna and on the badanna is the boat.

Boat 6: The Town, near the coffee shop and look at the left side of the coffee shop is a wooden penguin. On top of the penguin is a wooden cup which the paper boat is inside.

Boat 7: Ski Village, look at the tours stand and look up and on top of the wood sign thing with the puffle is a boat.

Boat 8: Ice burg, Palm tree just below the leaves.

Ok now click the paper boat on the top right corner and click build the map. I’ll try this one too with words.

From left to right I’ll just number the map pieces.  Ok I’m going to try this.

5 8 2 3
4 1 7 6

Then a note thing should pop up. Then click claim prize and you should get a background. Then put on a hard helmet and go to the cove and you should now see a red x there and then go to it and dance. Wait a bit and you should get something that says You have found a bandanna. Click yes and you now should have both things!

Now, if you don’t understand any of this, tell me what you don’t understand by commenting and I’ll answer them.

Posted by Semi on June 18, 2010

Wii game!

Wow!! club penguin is finally releasing a Wii game for us! The game is called Club Penguin Game Day and they say it is going to be multiplayer! So you only one Wii remote owners, buy another remote! Anyway, here are the pictures CP gave us.

Looks fun!

I can’t wait, can you?

Posted by Semi on June 12, 2010

For one thing, sorry about the long time no see! I just have been really busy so here is something to cheer you up!

Click on the things in the order the number is by it. Then click on the painting. (click on picture to enlarge)

Then click on the safish thing and wala, ruby ring!

Posted by Semi on June 10, 2010

New Catalog Cheats!

Ahhh, new style. Ok, Some of the pages may be out of order. I forgot to label them. Eh heh.


Penguin Style 09 Now, 10.


Here you click on the pot.

Click on any of the instruments and get whatever you clicked on! Not for free of course.

Click the word work.

Click the puffle.

Click the dojo. Click the dojo three times to get the blue viking helmet!

Click the 3rd mushroom on the bottom.

That’s it, I think.

Posted by Semi on Jan. 1, 2010.

Card-Jitsu Fire now playable!

(From Clubpenguin)

Doesn’t it look cool? I can’t try it because I’m not a member but it looks fun. Don’t you think so too? I think it’s a board game version or something. So you can now head over and play it!

Posted by Semi on Nov. 23, 2009.

Card-Jitsu Fire!

Card-Jitsu fire is going to start on November 24! Wow! It’s happening so fast. Too bad I’m not a member to give you guys a look at the volcano. But here’s the picture from clubpenguin.

(from Clubpenguin blog thing)

That’s it. I hope you members will have fun.

Posted by Semi on Nov. 21, 2009


Sorry about not working on this much, but I’m starting again! I have school on Monday and stuff so I might be a little late.


Posted by Semi on November 21, 2009


Ok, I’m having a party! You have to find my secret page and type in the code. How do you get the code? that’s easy, solve this.


It’s simple, fill in the blanks and the blanks will give you a wordish thing. Like this:


The first one is Hi the second one is aRe and the thirde one is yoU. And the code is…. Hru! (not real code) Now get it?

Posted by Semi on June 22,5:00am (I think)

New stuff soon!

Wow! New place, old play, new party and more! What do you think the new place is? A cave? Well I think it’s a cave. When will we get new plays anyway? Hmm… the music party… is it going to be like the laast one? I hope they have a new free item! Hey… have you ever wondered where the coustumes go when the play is over? Well I just did. You  know Flower right? And she’s my sister? Well she drived me nuts! That’s it for today.

Oh yeah, happy Father’s day!

Posted by Semi on June 21,5:10PM


Hi! I’m new here, I’m the editor, Flower, also Semi’s sister. I hope you will all enjoy me.On Club Penguin, I’m 777flower777. I accept friends and things and stuff. I’m correctly making a moderators page.

Semi here, You know how I say I and me and things? They all mean me because I’m the owner and boss here.

Posted by Flower on June 19, 4:23pm

Updated by Semi

Wow is it time already? It goes so fast. And so we begin our igloo furniture.

Don’t you wish you were that penguin?

The thing that is circled in red you click.

Isn’t this icy?

Fency. Get it? Fency?

That’s all? Wow is it short this day but we still have a pin!

It’s in the lighthouse. That’s all for now, see ya!

Posted by Semi on June 19,2:22pm

Ice Rank or Soccor Pitch?

It looks like the old soccor field is back! Sorry for the small image, it wouldn’t show up any bigger. I don”t think you’ll understand that. But anyway which one do you like better? I like the soccor one because it isn’t very slippery.

Posted by Semi on June 18, 8:57am

New Song! + New Pages!

Have you noticed? There is a new song for sled racing! Wow! Check it out, it sounds pretty cool for me.

Also, have you noticed that there are a few new pages? Well, do you like it? Also future pages:

My other places
Coming Soon stuff

and more soon!

Posted by Semi on June 13, 6:32

New Pin soon!

It looks like Pin b won… YAY! I never really post on Clup Penguin but I wanted B to win.

Ah, it sure looks shady and nice. Which pin did you want to win? Post the comment please. If enough people visit this place, I might just grab a party!

Posted by Semi on June 12, 6:54pm

Scavenger Hunt

Wow the island is blooming! So is the scavenger hunt.

Ok now the first item on the list

It’s a fishie! You can find this fish underground.  On to the next item!

It’s gray at first but then it changes when you click on it! This is at the cove.

It’s a turtle! Well, you have to click on it first. It’s in the water. This is the dock.

Pretty flowers. There are only petals sticking out but click on them and poof! They are there.This is the snow forts.

Wow! that whale is big! Ice Berg is this guy at.

They aren’t bloomed yet when you see them. The plaza is a great place to find these!

It’s bubbly at the water before this guy comes. Beacon is this bubbly stingy jellyfish found.

This boy is found at the forest, I think it’s the biggest.

Also, my name is pronounced (sem-E). Not (Sem-I). Thanks. Also twitter there might not be right sometimes. Eh…

Posted by Semi on June 12, 5:58 pm

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